The Union City Police Department is proud to announce the beginning of the Body-Worn Camera trial phase.  Officers selected and trained will perform their duties and assignments with Body Worn Cameras which will capture interactions with our residents.  The Union City Police Department believes this provides several benefits to our officers and the public we serve.  Some of these benefits include transparency in our service to the community, quicker resolution of complaints, corroborating evidence of crimes and offenses, and training opportunities to improve our officers’ performance.  


The Union City Police Department is adherent to the Attorney General’s Office Guideline on Body-Worn Cameras.  In accordance with the department’s policy, officers will wear their assigned cameras affixed on to their chest/sternum area (See illustrations).  After the initial trial phase, there will be approximately 150 cameras in use by our officers.  We expect that our purchase and use of this technology is proof of our commitment to providing exceptional service to our community and our officers.