Homeland Security

The National Strategy for Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Act of 2002 served to mobilize and organize our nation to secure the homeland from terrorist attacks. This exceedingly complex mission requires a focused effort from our entire society if we are to be successful. To this end, one primary reason for the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security was to provide the unifying core for the vast national network of organizations and institutions involved in efforts to secure our nation.

The Union City Police Department's Office of Homeland Security was established in response to the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and was created to help detect, deter and prevent future acts of terrorism. The duties of this unit include:


The Union City Police Department's Office of Homeland Security has an investigative division that is supplemented by the Union City Police Department Detective Bureau. This investigative unit works closely with the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness, Hudson County Terrorism Task Force, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Joint Terrorism Task Force. Unit members are responsible for the investigation of suspected or bona fide acts of domestic and international terrorism or terrorist related activity.


This unit has its own dedicated training division, which supplements the Union City Police Department Training Bureau. Personnel assigned to this unit implement training programs in accordance with State and Federal guidelines, and also develop customized programs for individuals who will be first to arrive on the scene of a major disaster. This unit has also created educational programs for non law enforcement personnel.


The Union City Police Department's Office of Homeland Security works with various agencies to develop emergency response plans. This unit has already created responses plans to a wide variety of both man-made and natural disaster scenarios, including evacuation initiatives and strategies that will help increase the safety of our citizens. It is also outfitting first responders with the equipment necessary for them to take action in the event of a disaster.


The Union City Police Department's Office of Homeland Security has established close ties with other County, State and Federal agencies. Intelligence sharing between these various agencies is critical when devising plans to combat and respond effectively to acts of terrorism. Several members of this unit are assigned to the Hudson County Terrorism Task Force in an effort to help propagate intelligence sharing.