Union City PoliceOur Mission in the Union City Police Department is to serve humankind, safeguard life and property, and be ever vigilant for those acts that lessen the quality of life of our citizens.

The Union City Police Department recognizes that the quality of life is an important value to our community, and we take pride in being an active member and citizen of the Community in the delivery of quality law enforcement services to all the people in a humanitarian way.

Our delivery of service is based on Community – Oriented – Policing, (C.O.P) concerned about the needs of the entire community: families, children, business people and visitors, so that they will feel and be secure in their home, in our schools, our play areas and streets.

As a citizen of the community, we realize that we derive our authority from those we serve with the belief that in serving the community we also serve ourselves. Our responsibilities must be viewed as a covenant of public trust and we must strive to perform our mission with Compassion, Proficiency and Respect (C.P.R.).

COMPASSION is a sympathetic consciousness of other’s distress together with a desire to alleviate it when we can. Compassion is an element of clarity, and expresses itself in feeling with another person, serving the other with the understanding, gentleness, and sensitivity one would wish to recieve in similar circumstances.

PROFICIENCY is having the requisite or adequate ability and competence to perform our duty. It is doing one’s work well, in such a way, so that the person being served derives the best possible effect from what is done.

RESPECT is showing courtesy, regard or deference to another. It is the demonstration of our regard for the dignity of the human person by our words and actions, and when another person, particularly the weak, the children, and the elderly among us are in need – our response is marked by concern and advocacy.

We will not tire of our duty nor lose sight of our own humanity. THIS IS OUR PLEDGE AND OUR MISSION.