Where do I pay a ticket?

Tickets can be paid in person through the Union City Violations Bureau. The Violations Bureau is located in City Hall on the 2nd floor. The address is: 3715 Palisade AveUnion City, NJ 07087Their telephone number is (201) 392-3663. Please contact the Violation Bureau for more information including hours of operation. People can also pay most [...]

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How do I go about commending an officer?

When you want to say thank you for a job well done by a police officer or other employee of the Union City Police Department, you can visit or call the Union City Police Department during regular business hours and ask to speak to a supervisor. You can also write a letter or print and [...]

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How do I become a Union City Police Officer?

The Union City Police Department is a civil service employer and is governed by rules set forth by the New Jersey Department of Personnel. As a result, we select candidates from eligibility lists that are supplied to us by the State of New Jersey. City residents wishing to pursue a career with the Union City [...]

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