Union City Police Department Raises $ 6,670.29 For Breast Cancer Society

“Police Chief Richard Molinari, along with Police Officer Chris Scardino and Police Officer Carlos Pina and the Union City Police Department would like to present this check to the American Cancer Society,” says Cultural Affairs Director Lucio Fernandez.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Scardino was not able to present a check yet because there was still a goal to reach.

“At first the goal was $2,000, we passed that; $3,000, we passed that; $4,000, we passed that; $5,000 we passed that; $6,000 we passed that,” the police officer says.

The officers behind the fundraiser were Det. Arlene Soto, PO Ron Portillo, PO Steve Molina, Captain Luster, and the Chief’s Office Staff. “It was a pleasure and honor working with them. All did an outstanding job. And I also want to give a special thank you to Athena’s Hair Salon located in Oradell, NJ. They donated $820.”

They sold hats, t-shirts, buttons, gum… you name it; they sold it, to raise money for breast cancer.

“It was $1,748 last year,” Scardino says. “This year’s amount we raised $6,670.29.”

The commissioners thank the mayor and chief of police for running such a terrific police department.

“We’d like to take a moment to recognize a police officer who works day and night for all these causes, whether it be breast cancer, Special Olympics, so many things… Police Officer Chris Scardino,” Fernandez says.

A proclamation by Mayor Brian Stack honors Scardino for his dedication to the UCPD and the town’s residents.

“The word true blue truly describes Chris Scardino and I say that from my heart,” the mayor says. “There’s never a time you don’t reach out to Chris when it benefits the police department and the people of Union City. He’s the first one there. Chris, thank you very much and congratulations.”

Whenever Scardino asked the mayor if he could do something, he wasn’t asking for himself.

“You can’t say it was about me or them or who, it’s about others,” he says.

“That’s the top priority all the time.”

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