Join the Community Discussion by Joining Nixle

Launched in 2007, Nixle provides an open communication and engagement platform that connects public safety, municipalities, schools, businesses, residents and the communities they serve. Nixle enables real-time, two-way communication through text, email, voice messages, social media, and the Nixle mobile app.

The Nixle engagement platform is relied on by over 8000 agencies, fire and police departments, schools, and hospitals. Organizations use Nixle for critical situations such as Severe Weather Events, Evacuations, Safety Hazards, Security Threats, Facilities Problems, Employee Notifications, and IT/Telecom Disruptions.

Just go to and register. Once registered you will be able to receive relevant information from the Union City Police Department on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

In addition to our web site and community outreach programs, Nixle is another tool to strengthen the bridge between city residents and your police department.

Nixle keeps you up-to-date with relevant informatiin from your local public safety departments & schools. Click on the button below to find out how to register!

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